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Re: Packing/moving while working 50+hours/wk? VENT!

Well, I did it and 90% by DH had to have back surgery.  Just make a LIST, put on some music and go to it.  I hosted two house sales to get rid of anything I didn't want to move.  I donated everything I could to can also call Amvets for a pick-up.


I also had plantar faschitis (sp) it was a REAL PAIN, no pun intended!  Moving day came and the movers didn't show up.  After calling them multiple times, they picked up and advised me that they had done a late night move for a dr. and were tired.  I had to call our realtor to find someone, and she did....for $500 more than the other quote as this was a RUSH.  Our buyers had the NERVE to complain at 6:00pm that there was clothing in HER HOUSE.  B****


Sign up for Angie's List as there are specials run by local contractors.  And most important:....breathe deep and try to relax.