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Re: Anyone in Tampa Bay area?
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xiownthisplacex wrote:

yep 813 as well. 2 years now Smiley Happy

awesome there's quite a few people around Tampa =)


anyways let me know if you guys want to meet up sometime for dinner and just chat about experiences or something LOL we could potentially help a lot of people if we network properly. I'm getting a credit consultant certified just so I have something I can use , I intend to go to some schools and volunteer if they let me educate high school students a crash course on how credit works and why it's important.


If we need to get this country out of debt we need to encourage proper credit usage so we can keep the future generation out of debt. There's a great Korean BBQ restaurant Off W Hillsborough Ave. I love we can meet up whenever if anyone's interested. If you've never had Korean BBQ it's amazing.... if your a meat lover you'll be happy. 


 We could potentially help people with new experiences like buying a house, experiences with companies and financing, hidden fees, or we could even help piggy back eachother if we need. Just a lot of things. There's always little tips and tricks a lot of people on the boards never discuss, so it's just fun to meet new people, especially onces focused and dedicated and serious about important things in life like credit. It would also be educational for friends and family who are not come so they can understand how important things are as some friends or family wouldn't listen to you but might listen if a whole group was talking about it. Helps gets the point across how much you could save in your life if you kept a good credit history =)

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