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Re: Anyone in Tampa Bay area?
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jm00ser wrote:

I would be down. I'm not a seasoned credit veteran quite yet (on the young side and battling through the debt in the siggy!), but would def be cool to talk! How do you become credit advising certified? I would be interested in that. It would be quite beneficial to teach high school kids about credit and its importance down the road! Perhaps even discuss student loans, what to look for to not get screwed, and what is realistically affordable. Solid idea.

credit counseling is supposed to help people consolidate debt, but just the title itself should help get in the door for credit education at the very least. I'm planning on taking classes for accounting after this, and financial planner. because my ultimate goal is to help people repair their credit, and manage their accounts and finances. I would like to just help people repair their credit (I got almost all mine removed for free minus time and postage) because collections credit card companies and credit reporting bureaus from my credit repair journey I view as a complete joke. We need to educate ourselves and fight back so we can force them to abide by the law.


Many companies cut corners to save money, and ruining our credit further than legally allowed by law. Also there is NO reason why paying a charged off or collections should EVER drop your score. This happened to me last year.  for paying 3 old accounts that got marked paid in full since it updated the last date of activity it made it appear to be a fresh collections. 


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