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Need a category called, "Rebuilding Your Savings"
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Need a category called, "Rebuilding Your Savings"  --- after reading this venting post, you will understand why!   The task seems impossible right now.


Then I would have a nice place to share my shame of having a long drawn out (took a month for me to do this) decision to finally do a cash advance/balance transfer offer on my cc.  Since I was not authorized to take out the amount i wanted, I sweet talked the credit department for a credit line increase.  (Yeah CL!!!)   Got the mula and put it into savings.  


DH knew I had done it.  We had talked for weeks about doing it to pay for a much needed home repair.   I just really hesitated to do it.   Zero percent interest, one year, one percent fee.  As soon as the decision was made, DH started finding things we "needed" and that it was ok "treat ourselves to eat out once a week".  (We really did need the things we picked up and the occasional meal out won't break the bank.)


DS (dear son) must have been physic and he called asking for money for school.


The money started to evaporate very quickly.  I put a stop to it and talked to the family about paying the extra money back to the card asap!  


To add injury to bad decision making, DH was "locally" deployed last week due to Sandy and the other storms.  When he is locally deployed there is no compensation for the extra transportation, meals, or incidentals.  There is no overtime.   


Long story short, I literally drained our savings, took every penny we had, and applied it to the card today.  We now have no savings whatsever.  We no longer have the money saved up for paying taxes come next year.  We no longer have money to last us until payday.  But the card is paid off.  


Another ouch - DH thought he was coming off of deployment duty - only to be told no, he can go home for a day, but he is on call during that time. We are looking at weeks more of local deployment.  (Local deployment is usually anything within 150 miles of home or work place.  This particular one is costing us about $50-60 a day in extra expenses, not compensated or reimbursed for.  But as always, we will find a way through this too.)


And no, the home repair did not get done.  Smiley Sad   It won't.  I do not think we can possibly save up 20k to do the work.


Argh.   *banging my head against the wall*  I never should have done the cash advance/balance transfer!!!


And folks, that is my shame for the last month and my challenges for the next six months.  Smiley Happy