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Re: Need a category called, "Rebuilding Your Savings"

Lol - I am glad I never say or think we need just a little more money!   We live within our means, usually pay cash for everything, and do pretty ok.   IF we weren't banging down the mortgage and IF we weren't paying cash to send the last kid to college, we would have a lot more financial freedom.


BUT our goal is to pay off the mortgage in the three years or less and we decided, as a family, that was a top priority.  If we can knock out the mortgage, that would free up some money each month.


AND paying for college with cash is a must.  There was never any thought otherwise.  Our gift to the kids is to have up to four years of college and come out (hopefully) with a degree and no student loans or debt that we know about.  It justs we are paying cash as we go (ouch).  The youngest started a tuition high school which was not in our budget or plans.  So we had to start paying for him four years early and we didn't have the cash saved up to pay for that and four years of college.  (We had four years of two kids in schools that required money.)  I hope that makes sense.


I am just kicking myself for giving into the temptation to borrow the 20k (cost me 200).   And I immediately recognized that the money attitude had shifted with the family members and I just put an end to it.   I would rather eat top ramen and rice than be in debt. would have been nice to have had the MUCH needed the repair work done (estimated cost is 20k).   It will just have to wait.


So if we had a forum called Rebuilding your Savings, we could post ideas on how to save money.  We could talk about the challenges of saving money....  Smiley Happy