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Re: Need a category called, "Rebuilding Your Savings"

Depending on your priorities and inclination may I suggest the following:

1.  Make a budget

2.  Pay your taxes (Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's)

3.  Tithe for God, church and charity

4.  Pay your bills & mortgage

5.  Pay yourself 10% for savings (long term savings for retirement, house down payment, kids education, etc AND short term savings for vacations, large priced items AND a rainy day fund)

6.  What you have left is your discretionary spending.  Choose wisely.


I have payroll deductions for taxes, part of my charity and part of my savings.  The rest is set up through auto payments (bills & mortgage, and another part of my savings).  I am blessed with a decent salary with not a lot of spending requirements and a simple non-extravagant lifestyle.  But I am playing catch-up with my retirement savings because I was not so spending careful earlier in my life.  My rainy day fund has about 4-5 months at the moment.