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Re: A Long IRS Story, be patient

Stupid question:


How could a girlfriend claim dependency on a kid that,

a - didn't have custody (either legal or even physical) of the child in question

b- didn't have any legal ties to the child what-so-ever

c- did not claim the child any previous years.


In order to claim a dependent wouldn't she have had to ADOPTED the child for her to claim the kid since she was not married to the ex? Why they would accept some random person (yes she was the GF of the father, but as far as the government is concerned she's just some woman) as the care-taker and not the actual child's mother.


I'm not sure I totaly understand the part about the IRS not accepting the proof.


Perhaps it was not valid forms of proof that they would require and that they need something else. I think if you could prove he was incarcerated then the default would be that you were awarded custody. No matter what a GF would have to go to court to fight to keep custody of a child - and that would include adopting the kid - which I'm more than sure is NOT the case here.


The IRS has offices all over, I would contact one and ask for what types of proof do they require for proper verification that you had sole (or at least majority) custody of the child. Even though interest is being added, if you can at least prove it, it would all go away once its cleared.

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