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Re: Recommendations for PC tower?

GregB wrote:

That is completely irresponsible nonsense about HP/Compaq for what "you heard". I went out of my way in my post to not name brands other than suggesting an iMac might make sense for his use but after hearing that unsubstantiated nonsense about what you heard about HP, I must respond. If there is one company that stands out for computer support on PCs and Servers, it is HP. When I have to build a bulletproof system, it generally ends up 98% HP.


At one point we were selling and supporting enough computers that I was spending close to a million dollars a year on computers. Now we are down to buying around 5 computers a week and it is hard to get a customer to upgrade their servers at all. In fact one company has been bought twice with each new buyer deciding that all the computer equipment became "new" when they purchased the company and don't want to replace "new" equipment. They operate 24x7 relying on a HP LS2 Server that I installed in 1996 as their PDC.

First of all, i said ive had first hand experience with hp and compaq. They are crap. The reason people get them is because they are cheap. Dell is a great brand. I guess if your buying cheap dells then sure they wont stand up to the more expensive models and thats why they are cheap. Most of the crappy Dell models are ones outfitted with AMD parts too. Maybe HP stepped there game up some but really they should stick to printers. Obviously you dont need great computers? i dont know what you do for a living but all day everyday im sitting in my office and most of the time hearing clients ask why there HP is working. Ive probably worked on 500 HP laptops alone and half of them have **bleep** video cards. I dont beleive whoever is buying servers from you actually need them? Does HP ever make servers anymore? Idk if ive been to a server room and didnt see Dell servers or Cisco blades. And to your comment and building a bulletproof system i believe you, if i had to use an HP machine i would build it myself. Bottom line, from first hand experience and from HP horror storie, they are garbage and Compaq is the Walmart version of HP owned by the same people.


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