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Re: Went back to iPhone after GalaxyS3


S7 wrote:

Liked the Galaxy S3, but just couldn't adapt to some of the changes!!!!!!  Little things drove me crazy!! Couldn't make text pics larger, like you can on the iPhone, the S-Voice was stupid, lol, and just a few other things.  Nice phone, great screen, but I'm super glad to be back in the world of Apple! Smiley LOL

I love my GS3! I am defiently glad I got it over iphone! So much more freedom, more customizable. S-voice may be pretty dumb, but google voice is the only thing you need.Nicer screen, super easy to find a micro usb cable anywhere, jailbroken out of the box, better specs, better camera app, etc. I bought myself an extended battery for the two days a week I don't have much access to a charger and it lasts 4 days! on that thing.


Iphone 5 is nice though, I'd take one to use as an ipod touch of sorts, but I don't support apple and their continuous battle to patient every idea in existance. 


What do you mean by " text pics larger?




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