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I love the MyFico forum, and really appreciate most of the people here and the contributions made. I have to say, however, that I get so turned off by the rude, condescending attitudes by some of the contributors. There are a few that ALWAYS have something negative to say. What's the point of that? In my opinion  it  discourages many people from asking questions and seeking advice, or even sharing their own successes. I understand that we are all at different levels in this credit process, and I even admit that a little research on the part of posters may be warranted, but it still isn't necessary to be rude and belittling. I have to wonder if its the anonymity of this online forum that brings out the worst in some people, or if some of you guys are jerks in your everyday lives....


Oh well, I'm off my soapbox. I feel better now. 


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