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Re: An etiquette question re: thank you notes

isoldmyatlas wrote:

Hi myFICOers!


12 weeks ago I attended the wedding of one of my good friends from high school.  We're 26 now, and she's the first in my group of friends to get hitched.  My dad also attended as he know her parents well.  The thing is, neither of us have received a thank you note yet (we each gifted something to the couple).  Seeing as how this is the first non-family wedding I've been to, I'm not sure what the etiquette is supposed to be here.  Should I mention this to her? Should my dad ask her parents? Should we ignore it? Or do you think they just haven't started writing notes yet? Or do people just...not write thank you notes any more?


I feel a little silly asking this but I'm new to this whole wedding business, and I'd better ask now since I'm sure she won't be the only friend getting married in the near future Smiley Wink

Hello, yes your friend should send out thank you cards or notes recently i got married and i sent thank you cards out 8 weeks later. The last 3 weddings i attended i did not recieve thank you cards or notes. Give your friend time the couple may send out thank you christmas cards.