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Re: Need my rental deposit back! vent...
Read your laws.... after the 31st day, send a Certified letter asking for the deposit back in full. Here is an example letter to get your full deposit back. Date Via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested Landlord’s Full Name Landlord’s Street Address Landlord’s City, State and Zip Re: Demand For Return Of Security Deposit Dear Landlord’s Name: On __________________, 20__, I moved into Complete Address of Your Rental Unit. When I moved in I paid a security deposit in the amount of $____ in the form of a check, money order, cash and for which you did or did not provide a receipt. A copy is / is not attached. On __________________, 20__, I provided you with my written notice to vacate the premises. A copy is attached. On _________________, 20__, I did vacate the premises, but I have not yet received a refund of my security deposit. I know that State Law, found at , says that a landlord must return my security deposit within 30 after the tenant moves. When I left the rental, it was clean and in good repair, or in no worse repair than when I moved in [if applicable add, and I have pictures to prove this]. Therefore, under the law I am entitled to a full refund of my security deposit. I am now making a [If applicable add second] demand for the return of my security deposit. If I do not receive my money within 7 days, I will regard your keeping my security deposit as bad faith and will pursue my right to sue you not only for the return of the security deposit I paid, but also for two times the original amount paid (bad faith damages) as allowed by law. The prompt return of my security deposit will make a court action unnecessary. Please mail the security deposit to me at: Your Full Name Your Street Address Your City, State and Zip Sincerely, Your Full Name [If applicable…] Enclosures. Copy of my receipt [or check] for my security deposit and copy of my notice to vacate the rental unit.

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