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Re: Need my rental deposit back! vent...

I have one more thing to add to this...if she is not considered a landlord by county or state laws, then the rules are a little different.


For example, where I am, although I am a "landlord" and collect rent from my roomies, I do not own four or more properties.  In the eyes of the county, I am not a landlord BECAUSE I do not own more [and rent] three or more properties.   {which makes me wonder why I am paying taxes when I don't need to report the income!}


Therefore, I have a "reasonable" amount of time to refund a deposit.   According to my attorney, a "reasonable" amount of time could be up to 45 days in the eyes of the court.   I wouldn't do that - wait that long - but I would wait long enough to figure out the final utilities to include water (which the city will hold me responsible for regardless of who's name the account is in) and to do reasonable work.  So for me personally, I would be trying to take care of the security deposit asap.


I will be charging the tenants (against their deposit) to professionally steam clean the carpets in their rooms and to "clean" if they did not deep clean their space before they left.   


I would still suggest that on the 31st day you send that CMRR letter demanding or asking for your deposit back.   Call her too, on the 31st day, and ask where your check is.