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Re: Need my rental deposit back! vent...
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OK, so here's the situation now. We are in FL, BTW, statutes are pretty cut and dried.  She just sent me an email and says she is going to deduct $200 for the extra 5 days into the month (verbal agreement), a $250 cleaning fee, and a bunch of other random things like carpets and toilet seats which are normal wear & tear ($350 worth). Besides that, she did NOT send the claims properly (within 30 days, certified mail, after which, she forfeits any right to a claim).


I'm sending her a certified letter telling her I will abide by the verbal agreement of $200 for the extra days and will concede the $250 cleaning fee (the sides of the stove were left dirty and the self-cleaning cycle run, but not cleaned afterward, long story, but I'll suck it up on that one), but the rest she must return to me within 7 days.


She's a bit of a flake, we had a terrible time getting things taken care of, so I did a lot of it myself. Also, we work for the same company, although not anywhere near one another, I just hate having a sour relationship like this.  I just want it to be over, but I really can't afford to lose that much money in the deal or I'd walk away.


Oh, and she has several rental units, so I'm not concerned about the being an official landlord. We did have a signed lease for the 3 years we were there.

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