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Re: iphone applecare almost a nsfw story.
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it varies by device(the watermark) 

in my last ipod touch its in the headphone jack. 

one late night i dropped it in the toliet and then let it dry out, a few days later stopped working (only the screen) 


took it to apple and they said it wasnt waterdamaged even though it was completly submerged in the toilet for a good 4 seconds. 

so i was like okay and got it replaced under warranty. 


ive probably gave apple about 4k+ in iphones and ipods going back do the original ipod video 32gb. 


edit: as for the pocket thing. it was in a pocket in my northface. i honestly must have set it down on the bar or on the couch(fell out of my pocket)..... that was the most expensive dance ive ever gotten. 

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