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Re: Welcome to 2013 everyone now you get to start paying for Obama care!

The affordable care act would of been passed no matter if Obama won or Romney.  Coined "obamacare" this piece of legislation passed in congress and passed the nations highest court system, do you have any idea what would need to happen to negate the bill after it got that far? Considering there are 420 provisions in this bill, the full power of the bill wont even be seen until 2019.  my fiance went to the ER last week...she had chest pains.  She got an EKG, blood work, chest X ray and monitored her for 6 hours.  during the 6 hours her mother came to visit to see if she was ok.  Everything was fine.  we laughed because her mother cut herself on her foot the day before and was talking to my fiance's ER doc about the cut on the foot while the ER doc was explaining about the chest Xray.  it was kinda point is they both got billed at 6800 for my fiance and 1800 for my mother in laws cut.  (my mother in law got some disinfectant and a bandaid!!)......people in this country lose their house over medical care, people travel outside our country for medical you really think the poor fella in the ER with an iphone is the country's problem?!?!  do you really think the health care system is fine and needs nothing?  do you dispute the fact that big pharma pretty much wrote the bill?!