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Re: Consumer Responsibility Rant

Thank you for posting.


My very first post on these boards was similar to yours in some ways, but I soon realized that the folks who come here, with few exceptions, are trying to learn the rules of the game so that they can act in that responsible manner we all want.


While there'll always be scammers and cheats, a whole lot of individual credit problems stem from ignorance of how things work in the credit world.  This forum lets people educate others, and that education seems to stick pretty well, too, because it's coming from regular folks who've been down the same road before, then found a better path and are passing that knowledge to others.


I look forward to your future posts, you've got great insight because you must've heard it all by now, in your position.  With that knowledge, and a bit of compassion,  you're going to help the people here who really want your help.  And you'll be really good at it, too.


Vents and rants are OK here, too, BTW.  I actually enjoy them!  Shows me I'm not alone at being pissed at some things I can't change.  This consumer responsibility thing is one thing you can change, if you'd like.


Do it.


Thanks for reading this, too!  Smiley Happy