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Turbo Tax e-file
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I used TurboTax Deluxe (store bought version) and paid $17.95 + tax for e-filing.
I noticed after I entered my credit card number that there was a screen explaining the charges, but Turbo Tax screens aren't printable unless you paste a "screen shot" into another program.  Smiley Sad 
Not wanting to mess with the "screen shot" approach, I made notes regarding the charges (no confirmation number provided though) and submitted my return, assuming that I would get some type of email or document to print showing how I paid and how much I paid.
Now, I see two separate pending authorizations on my credit card.  I have the printed and emailed confirmation of submission and acceptance of my return ... but not any kind of receipt detailing my payment for the e-file charges.  
Have I overlooked the receipt for the e-file charges ... or is this just an unpleasant oversight on the part of Intuit?  Have others experienced two pending authorizations for one e-file submission?

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