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I was in a restaurant this week, and this little boy (7? 8?) was whining that he really wanted something from the gift shop. His dad tells him, "You know what you should do? You should pick one thing that you REALLY want, find out how much it is, and then buy it when you have more money than that.  That way, you always have money, and you'll always have something to look forward to."
Is 36 too old to be adopted? If that had been my dad, I don't think I'd have the problems I have now! Smiley Happy
Seriously, how great is that? What a good dad!
And hurray for a place to post random stuff like this!
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Re: overheard
That's cute!
My son was the ultimate tightwad.  I took him jeans shopping when he was 12 at Dillard's.  I pointed out that he could buy one pair of levi's or two pair of Dillard's brands for the same price.  The solution was pretty simple for him:  "Mom, can I get one pair of Dillard's brand and have the rest in cash"?Smiley Wink
He and my father went camping.  My dad stopped for gas, and filled up.  When he returned to the truck he asked Bradley if he was short on money for the gas, would Bradley help pay?  Bradley said..."No Grandpa, I shouldn't have to pay for your mistake".  Ah, the wisdom of a 10 year old!
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Re: overheard
When my kids were younger my son got money for Christmas. I took him to Walmart to spend it. When we got to the checkout and it was rang up I told him to give her the money. He looked at me and said "No, you need to pay for it cause that is what moms are supposed to do and this is my money." He was 4 at the time.

It is a good thing he grew up and learned. He has very seldom asked me for money. He now lives on his own and is very frugal. My 20 year old daughter is a whole different story.