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Re: Feedback from the FICO Forums community

ralbusta wrote:

This just goes to show that the CRAs and EX more specifically are not consumer oriented companies. Like any other business they cater to who they get their money from: their suscribers (lenders, CAs, etc. anyone who reports accounts to them)

 This also means that Fair Isaac - who is selling the ability to generate FICO scores to EX in the first place - is giving in to the EX "request" to not provide that information.
By extension, this means Fair Isaac is not a consumer oriented company, as well, in my opinion. They apparently are more worried about losing their dominance in the credit score industry, and the money that gives them, than they are to standing firm against such a consumer-unfriendly "request".
 Now excuse me while I go get some mouthwash - I have a very bad taste in my mouth.