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Re: Community feedback about Experian's decision to discontinue offering FICO scores on myFICO

I honestly don't know why Experian would do such a thing. myFico is offering a service to the average consumers to checking all three scores, and I am sure the myFico was giving dues to each of the 3 companies for providing this information. I know if I was a credit reporting company, and I was getting money from a 3rd party provider, I would continue to allow myFico do what they are doing. (Basically free income).


Now what, will myFico go under because users will be looking for a place that will provide all 3 scores in one handy location. Seems odd to me to go to a different site to just get my Experian number, which I do not want to do, because myFico (even through only using for 2 years now) has helped me understand my credit scores and help clear my credit history of incorrect information.


I can not leave myFICO, it would be the wrong thing to do, they provide a great service. But if I am unable to get all 3 scores in one location, I might have to move, but if Experian is pulling from all other services, then I will remain a loyal customer of myFICO.