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Re: Community feedback about Experian's decision to discontinue offering FICO scores on myFICO
As midnight said, it is irrelevant how we feel about it as that has never been a factor in how Experian screws their customer base over. They have NEVER played by the rules, they have NEVER acted in good faith, they have NEVER done anything morally, ethically or frankly legally but the fact is that the loop holes are plenty for them to continue being this way and no one is doing anything about it. The fact is that customers have no power unless we all get together and sue them in court and even then there is no real legal basis to stop them from doing this. We are legally entitled to know our information, if they don't sell it, you can't sell it, how the heck are we supposed to know this information? This is effectively blacking out the consumer base and limiting their access to their information. All because the want to sell that FAKO scores of theirs and think by pissing off the entire consumer base, somehow people are going to go and suddenly say ooh we love your score, let do away with FICO and make you the master of the universe, ooh ooh ooh...may they rot in *self bleeped*

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