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Re: Community feedback about Experian's decision to discontinue offering FICO scores on myFICO

Pappy214 wrote:

chemicalman wrote:



All I have is a buch of curse words!


Our credit is all we have to protect us from predatory lending practices and now this.




Because we as intelligent consumers broke the FICO code and got smarter about our credit. We know how to make our scores go up, and down. My guess is EX and its real customers (CA's, Banks, Auto Dealers) etc. do not like it when we manipulate the system the way we do. 

It is your RIGHT to "manipulate" the system if you will, that is why we need to understand things to make things better, our motto as the greatest country in the world right? or are we now saying that we should be more like communist countries where information is blocked and censored to keep their people living in ignorance and dominate them easier, cause that's exactly where this is going.

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