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Re: Community feedback about Experian's decision to discontinue offering FICO scores on myFICO

ShanetheMortgageMan wrote:
I haven't read all of this thread but isn't there some sort of consumer group that lobby's for the consumer's right to know their actual FICO scores?  I think it should be a US Law that every consumer should have the ability to get an annual free credit report as well as annual free FICO scores.  I guess the grey area would be why just FICO scores and not Experian's own proprietory scoring system too?  Or why not all variations of TU's scores either?  I do see that it would be complicated to determine which scoring model score would be the free one to get, but some  information is better than no information IMO.

Their lobby is bigger, stronger and has a stranglehold over the government. Its truly capitalism run amuck

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