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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Well.. (national sudent loan DB) has finally marked my loans as 'in repayment' (effective 10/11/12). Although the balance doesn't look right .. it's about $5k in captilized interest short.


USA Funds is already off my credit report. I don't know when that happened, since USAA stopped daily pulls and I was not in the mood to pay more for it. My FAKOs increased dramatically. As of Nov 2, my FICO went up about as much as a normal monthly increase. A little disappointing because...


I'm about to get hit with at least one new tradeline.. Bought a brand new car (got exactly what I wanted and financing was no issue. still don't know my financing company or APR, but they let me drive the car outta there!!! I guess my $7k downpayment helped! haha). 


I do NOT have a new Sallie Mae tradeline on my CR yet. I don't know if it will also be a new TL, if it will be a backdated TL, or if they will pick back up on their original TL. 


So between NSLDS and my CR, it looks like Sallie Mae is the one that is lagging.


I will update as I have more info!! 

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