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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

So far, Sallie Mae has added tradelines to EX and EQ. 


Backdated to my original consolidation loan (2007). EQ shows a whole bunch of OKs in the months past. EX just shows one OK in October.


Nothing happening with my old loans. They all still say in default too. I'm going to keep giving it time. 


USAA is confusing all the TLs too. I have the defaulted loans on the same line as the rehabbed loans. Annoying. The account numbers aren't the same... I don't get it. 


Anyway, that's my only update. My FICO did just jump about 13 points. Can't really attribute that to anything right now. I need to pull a new Score Power report and see what is going on. December/January FICO scores should be interesting. 2 years with a completely clean report, and 2 current installment loans!! (Student Loan and new car loan)


Once I pay off my car (~3 years), I'm paying off my student loan as fast as possible. Currently paying just $20 above the minimum... Need to replenish my savings account after my huge car downpayment.

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