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Re: Does having a student loan help or hurt your credit?

Thanks for the welcome and your help.


When I pulled my credit back in April, I pulled all 3 of them with the once a year free credit reporting agency and purchased the scores with them at that time. Yes, those were the scores for each one of them that I bought.


I'm aware that I have 3 different scores. They were all 3 different. The only score that I have received from here is the Experian score that you get with your report with the 10 day free trial. I'm comparing that score to the score that I purchased for Experian 7 months ago in April.


Do you think I should be paying "something" on my student loans right now even though I'm not required to pay anything until I graduate (which will be May 2014)? Or is it good to have those loans on there reporting as credit? I haven't exactly figured out if having the students loans help you or hurt you?


So if my 710 score from here is the now "accurate" score, which cc should I try to get? I have the Orchard (with only the $300 limit), is there another one that is fairly simple to get with my score and that is unsecured? I would only be getting one to rebuild my credit and paying it off every month in full.


I have seen people on other boards and the internet say they usually have some luck with Chase Freedom Visa. Is this a fairly good and easy one to get with my history?

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