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Re: Does having a student loan help or hurt your credit?

Oh my gosh, you are totally right. I wrote it down wrong. My FICO score on here says 710, which is Equifax and my Ex last time was 743. So I guess it has dropped 33 points?


I have been doing a lot of reading since posting this and I'm reading that you should never charge more than 30% of your cc limit. So my limit is only $300 and 30% of that would only be $90 a month in charges. I've been charging between $160 to $290 each month (and paying in full) thinking that it would help my credit scores and prove that I can charge a higher amount and still PIF. I'm now guessing this is not the case and could have lowered my score? (Which is what I have been reading, that people have lowered their scores anywhere from 10-40 points by having a bad ratio on the cc's).


Where do you suggest is the best place to get the scores? Only on here? So the 710 Equifax score they gave me here would be the correct one right? Would I have to purchase the TU on here as well in order for it to be the correct score?


Why can you no longer get a Experian score? Is this score used by creditors? I guess I didn't realize this and don't understand why?

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