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Re: Does having a student loan help or hurt your credit?

audia4 wrote:

Sorry, I'm not seeing how you are quoting what I'm saying, so I can't figure out how to quote back, so I copied.

     When you hit Reply, at the top on the right you will see a button next to Spell Check that says Quote.  Just click on that.

 But like I said, I'm not compairing the Equifax to Transunion. I'm comparing my Equifax from here, which is 710 to my Equifax from April, which was 743. So it's comparing apples to apples. I just have the abbreviations mixed up. So I'm typing it out from now on. LOL

     Okay, no problem.  I didn't know if you were mixing them up or not.


Sorry, I didn't know the correct "terminology" to use for what I was reading. Yes, I was referring to the utilization percentage. Since my balance at the time I pulled this report today is well over the 30% utilization limit I wondered if that hurt me. (Since the cc has obviously not updated my account yet this month because I PIF about 2 weeks ago for a balance that wasn't even due until this month).

     No problem, it takes a while to get used to everything around here!  It might hurt you temporarily, but once you get it down again, your scores will go back up.  I can't tell you by how much, of course.


Yes, I read about the free Transunion score on there and decided to apply. I got the "you will receive something in 7-10 days" reply. So, I did some research on here and found a number to call. I do know that there is a freeze on my transunion account that I placed on there 2 years ago and other companies are not able to pull my report because of it. I read on here others that had to call to verify who they were because of it. So I called. They told me instantly that I was denied and he had no reason why but I would get something in the mail in 7-10 days. Now I'm upset that I even tried since I now have a hit on my credit after this. Smiley Sad

     I'm a little confused here.  So you applied for a credit card somewhere, & got denied?

 That just doesn't sound right that they can keep your score from you at Experian. There should be some law against that since it should be your knowledge to know how they are rating you.  Smiley Sad

I agree with you about Experian, but unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it.  Smiley Sad

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