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Re: Does having a student loan help or hurt your credit?

audia4 wrote:

laz98 wrote:

Once you get the letter, maybe we can get a better idea of how to get an approval for you!  Smiley Happy

Ok, I'll keep you posted. I was just wondering, do you still have access to these boards if you don't keep your subscription to FICO after the 10 day trial? Also, how do you update seeing your credit report on here so that I can see if they pulled my credit to begin with?

Yes, the forums are separate from the products you buy.  The reports do not update.  If you want to check for changes, you would have to buy a new report.  You can use a monitoring service like CreditKarma to see when things change on your report for free.  Just ignore the scores & advice there, sometimes it's not the best.

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