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Re: Does having a student loan help or hurt your credit?
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I just recently signed up for Credit Karma and Sesame this past month. I have already stopped using Sesame.  Karma I check still just for a TU update. I also subscribe to TU, EX and EQ service in addition to Score Watch.  I pay too much a month to monitor and check reports. I will cut this back soon, but not yet.


Credit Karma is good for only one thing, free monitoring of your TU report for changes. Everything else it provides is sub-par in my opinion. These sites are able to provide this service for free since they are basically huge advertising tools. They are covered in ads for services. Suggestions for credit repair services, card issuers, personal loans, banking accounts, auto/life insurance, etc. All these "featured partners" are how this site makes money.  It's a bunch of garbage. I wish I had never signed up, giving CS and CK my SSN.