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Re: AES SL - What would you do? Am I screwed?

Welcome to the forums!  Smiley Happy  Sorry it's because of a tough situation, though Smiley Sad


You said they automatically used your grace period in 2005...but you didn't mention what you were doing in 2005.  Were you out of school for a long time?


Also, you said your lates are from May 2006......but that you left school in Dec 2010 & that AES wasn't notificed until Feb 2011, resulting in a 60-day lapse.  So are your lates from 2006, or from 2011?  Because you said you also have lates from April 2011.  I'm not following your post.


Regardless, it has been my experience that yes, the 6-month grace period is automatically started once you either leave school completely or start attending only half-time.


If these lates are from May 2006, then they should be coming off next year (approximately May 2013).  In my opinion, it's really almost not worth worrying about, since you've already suffered the consequences for most of the 7 years that they would be hurting you anyway.  Unless you are going to buy a house or something, I honestly would just wait it out.  What's 6-7 more months at this point?


If they are from 2011, then they are hurting your score much more.  But since you know that you were in fact late, & there was no real error on their part, all you would be able to do is write them goodwill letters asking them to kindly remove the lates from their reporting.


(Now I feel like MY post in confusing!  I hope you are able to get my point.)

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