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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Kjel, Your story is similar to mine.  I just made my 6th payment to CBE group.  I finish up in February.  I also had cancer and was uninisured.  Luckily, I beat it and now private pay my insurance to be sure I never get in that situation again.


My loans are slightly higher than yours at $120,000 but my payments are much much higher than yours at $1248 a month.  I have three payments left.  It is being reported on 4 tradelines which is completely inaccurate - I only have two loans as I consolidated them 8 years ago.  CBE said that Dept of Ed would make sure to delete the two duplicate and erase all lates etc once I am done with rehab.  I was going to contest them with the credit bureaus but decided against it since it really wouldn't make a difference until the rehab was done anyways.

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