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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines
I have an update. I have a new servicernow and made my first payment to them. The NSLDS has me in "repayment" status. I called DOE again and requested a manager. The first line Customer Service person was completely inept.

The manager looked up my file and confirmed 1) that i re-habbed and havw been picked up by a new servicer and 2) the NSLDS does not show default. Great news right? WRONG.

She has to send a note to the default group to get it confirmed. Im not kidding that is what she said. It takes up to 10 days.

I asked her for this groups phone number and she said that they dont accept calls from internal or external sources.

Now i am really angry. I snapped and did my whole "i love my country but hate my government" routine and "we are intelligent people why cant we elect leaders who will fix issues like this" and "does any of this make sense to you? because it doesnt to me." She admitted that she knows the system is broke but she is only "one" person and most people at DOE are typical civil servents: all they care about is a payceck. They dont care about us.

That made me feel better but the problem remains: i have trade lines showing "paid in default: closed". So the epic battle of good vs evil continues. Can Evil wear down the Good until they give up? Or will Good keep the faith and continue to fight on and never surrender? the answer may be known on the next episode of The Government Sux.
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