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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

@Kathy4NU: I am glad that your health is on the mend too. Thankfully I now have employer based coverage with no exclusions for the pre-existing conditions now and supplemental disability insurance that I can take with me if I leave the employer. After CBE basically stalked me for a few weeks without leaving messages, I received a letter from them that they had picked up the loans from DoE. They were pretty easy to deal with and offered me $12/month for 9 months based on my last year's tax return and change in family status (new husband and new baby!). That felt a little chintzy since I have a decent income now to $50 it was. I am hopeful that the post rehab process will go smoothly and the DoE lines go to a paid never late status. Keep us updated on how they perform on this end!

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