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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Wow, I have read every single post the last couple of weeks and I feel very lucky.  My journey has been pretty much hassles free since I started rehab and my scores have improved drastically with the help of this forum.


Here is my journey from the depths of SL default and low 500s FICO score to where I am at today


Feb 2012: Started loan rehab with Windham Professionals


Oct 2012: Made 9th payment with Windham Professionals on 10/18


Nov 2012: Nelnet picked up loans on 11/14


Nov 2012: Nelnet reporting positive trade line on 11/26 backdated to when SL originated


12/1: All negative trade lines on Experian removed by Colorado Student Loans (Guarantor) and EX FAKO score went from 641 to 724 (I know to take it with a grain of salt) but when I apped wit AMEX a couple of weeks ago they said my EX FICO score was 647 so I am hoping for the best on that one Smiley Very Happy


I am still waiting for TU to update and hopefully they don’t give me much hassle like I have read for others.  Either way I have spoken to Colorado Student Loans and they said to give them a call if they don’t update by mid-month and they will help with the removal.


I'm super stoked and will be relieved when the final negative TL is removed and I can continue with my credit life Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

April 2013 FICO Scores
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Trans Union - 778 (GE Money Bank CLI scores)

In the Garden until at least 2014 to let the new accounts age and HP's fall off. 800 club here I come...