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Discover Graduate Loan /w Cosigner - which score matters more?

I am applying for a Discover graduate student loan with a cosigner in a few months and I was wondering which score mattered more - mine or my cosigner's. I called and asked and the rep said they were both taken into consideration, but she coudln't tell me which one weighed more. Anyone have a clue?


Also, does anyone know what bureau Discover usually pulls?


Any help and general advice is appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Discover Graduate Loan /w Cosigner - which score matters more?

The only reason to have a co-signer is because you would not qualify for the loan on your own.  As such, the co-signer's good credit has to outweigh any negatives on the primary applicants report in the eyes of the lender.  How exactly all of that is weighted is the sort of thing that varies from lender to lender and they probably aren't going to give out those details.