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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines
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Does anyone know how to check if you are on the treasury offset list? I only received something from DOE that my student loans are in default and may be subject to offset but nothing after that. Once they were sold to CBE I contacted them to set up the rehab plan. CBE advised to file for an extension but I have to file my taxes for my daughter's FAFSA so she can get her financial aid award for the following year-thankfully what she's been getting in Pell/State grants covers her tuition at the community college and we've been saving her child support so she'll have tuition for the 4 year university so no loans. I told her that's the biggest gift she can give herself...a debt free education.



OK, found an answer myself lol. For others that are wondering you can call the Treasury Offset Program-Financial Management Service at 800-304-3107. There is an automated system that you can input your SSN into and it will tell you if you have a debt listed for offset. It says that the system updates daily so I will check periodically.

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