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Sample Letters for Requesting Student Loan Rehabilitation

Hi there, i'm new to the forum, but have been looking through it for information on beginning the process of rehabilitation for a defaulted FFEL student loan current with a collection agency.  I haven't been able to find quite what i'm looking for in any other posts, so perhaps someone has some advice.


I called the CA to inquire about the rehabilitation program, and how a 'resonable' monthly payment is calculated, and was given the run around by the person on the phone.  When I requested that they send me something in writing regarding what the payments might be, due dates, what would happen upon successful completion of the program,etc, I was told that they do not send anything in writing until after full completion of the program.  I ended the call due to his non-cooperation with my request when he wanted to transfer me to a 'manager.'  I'm not going to enter into anything without a statement in writing from the CA.


I am going to send a written request to the CA requesting that all further communication be in writing (per the FDCPA), request an outline of their rehabilitation program, and a request that they send me what info they use to decide what is 'reasonable' for the payment.   I assumed that this would be a standard request, but they avoided my inquiry at every turn over the phone.  I read somewhere that each collection agency is to have a form/questionaire for the borrower to complete to come up with a reasonable payment?


My question to the forum is: does anyone have sample text for such a letter or know where I can find it, and if there is anything else that would be prudent for me to include in such a letter requesting to be entered into a SL Rehab program?  I seem to find only posts from people who have initiated their rehab program over the phone, and seeing as this CA seems to be exceptionally tricky over the phone, I wish to proceed in writing.





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