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co-signer on ex's student loan

In 2002, I co-signed for my exhusband to go back to school. In 2003, we divorced and he was awarded the account in our divorce decree. Since then, he has defaulted numerous times, paid late over and over and it is currently in forebearance until 3-2013. The loan is currently with ACS. I have been working since the beginning of Oct to clean up my credit reports and this is the LAST thing on it. I really don't even know where to start.  Credit reports currently state: Paying as agreed. Forebearnce until 3-2013. But there are numerous 60 and 120 day lates.  What should I do??  ACS will barely give my any info since its in ex's name, but they sure will report everything on my credit. HELP Smiley Sad

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