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Re: co-signer on ex's student loan
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webhopper wrote:

Jazzzy wrote:

When you cosigned this loan you became one of the borrowers. Debt taken by one party or the other in a divorce is still owed by both parties. The lender wasn't part of the divorce.


It's unfortunate that his actions have affected your credit negatively, but I doubt you'll have much success in removing what is valid information on a valid debt. Sorry.....maybe someone else will have a different opinion.


Unfortunately jazzzy is correct. Only thing you could do would be to pay them off in full and then pursue your ex for payment... or take your ex back to court and request that the ex refinances the loan. Otherwise it will be dragging your scores down forever.

This does not mean that you should not attempt to GW ACS sending in copies of the divorce decree and a short GW letter explaining your situation and terms of divorce. You might have much better luck getting the account removed after it is paid, but you never know what sympathetic person's desk your letter might land on. If you do take legal action or at least involve an attorney to help deal with you ex, you could always have the attorney send the removal request for you.