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Re: Obama's Special Direct Consolidation Program

thankfulheart wrote:

I withdrew my regular consolidation and went with the special.  I already had several loans with DirectLoans and, yes, they each report as a separate tradeline, dangit, BUT, having them all under one "roof" makes it much easier for the payment end of things. IBR applies to the lot and I only have to make one payment.  The math didn't fall in my favor one way or the other, particularly, except maybe the .5% bit.  I'm shuddering at what adding the final loan to the consolidation is going to do to my scores as I'm in the hunt for a mortgage, but my lender told me it was a must-do to qualify, so it is what it is.  It's been about 30 days, so I'm anxious to have it settled to see the results.

I would love to keep this thread alive and find out how the Loan Consolidation impacted people's scores for better or worse.


Thankfulheart are you still on the forums? 


I graduate from my program in May and will be entering the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program at that time.

I would love to hear any advice you have on the topic. Anyone else too.


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