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How to apply for Student Loan Rehabilitation

Hello everyone, 

This is my first post and I am asking for some assistance. I have been looking for 2 days on how to apply for student loan rehabilitation. I want to begin to rehab my loans, but I keep running into "how" to rehab, not how to apply. I have gone to the NDLS website and found out who my loans are with: They are with DIRECT STAFFORD UNSUBSIDIZED, STAFFORD UNSUBSIDIZED, and also STAFFORD SUBSIDIZED, but I cannot for the life of me find a link on how to rehab and there is no phone number associated with the loan holders. Is there a Stafford website that I can apply for rehabilitation. I can find all things for consolidating a student loan. Just not rehabbing a student loan. Help!


I am one who tries to find information on their own, but I am either I am looking in the wrong areas or I am missing something. I am running into Google research exhaustion trying to dig up information that seems like it should be easy to find. It seems like there is a big secret, but common sense knows its not. 


Any spinning me around and pointing me into the right direction would be highly appreciated.


Thank you.