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Re: Rehab waiting game

Zekester wrote:

I made my 9th payment December 20th and am waiting for a funding date so I can start seeing some of the benefit from the program. My guarantor was Sallie Mae with USA Funds showing for the loans. GC Services was handling the rehab process on this and originally said the funding date would be the 11th and now the 17th. Anybody else in roughly the same time frame as me experiencing something similar?

Hello! My student loan was rehabbed with GC Services as well. My 9th payment was made on September 26th. I made a 10th payment on October 26th and was informed that my loan actually was picked up on the 24th by AES and that my 10th payment that I had made to GC Services was credited to my AES account. I am now in the waiting game for the removals of negative information from the original lender (MOHELA). I called MOHELA and was told they gave the updated information to the CRs on December 3 and they have 60 days to update. 43 days and counting... AES is showing up now (backdated to 4/2009) with all positive paying history. I am concerned about the MOHELA information updating...  I would love to see my 120+ days removed, as I was told they would be after completion. I also don't understand how it is showing on my CRs... they show up twice, once with MOHELA and once with FedLoans (4 loans each) so I am actually showing 8 loans with 120+ days lates. Does anyone know if all of them will be removed?