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Best way to put in a GW request?

I have a couple of loans reporting late. One I'm paying to get up to date On Friday. the others are in forebearanone and one in default that I am Going to reha. (Learned about that today) 


Im in training to become a dealer at a casino and a credit check will be some so I'm attempting to cnegatives many negatives as possible Before the check is Done. the job will allow me to make enough to keep up with monthly payments. 


Im terribly confused. Definitely need guidance and I don't want to get scammed by a credit repair agency



any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Best way to put in a GW request?

I'll be honest, the best way to talk to SL's are to call.  I've had some really good success with calling my previous holders (before consolidation) and my current holder.


Letters, while I'm a big fan, doesn't beat talking and pleading your case.  I would still send letters to help with the issue though.  If you don't get what you like take a day or two off then call again.



"just trying to get my credit up..."