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Re: Rehab loan being picked up by suntrust??
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elleng81 wrote:
My loan was picked up by Suntrust in November 2012. It turns out it is AES. My CR was updated to report positive payment since 2006 and shows up as Suntrust/AES. I'm still trying to figure out the validity in the original lender (Mohela) reporting 120 days late (last reported 6/2010). I was under assumption that it was to be deleted. Everytime I call they tell me they reported it to the CRs on December 3 and the CRs have 60 days to report.... I'm not sure if I'm just confused and AES\Suntrust is the positive tradeline they are referring to or if they really should be removing the 120 day late....

Were you 120+ days late to MOHELA on 6/2010? Well, then it is valid reporting. There is nothing about the rehabilitation process that stipulates all negative remarks on previously defaulted tradelines will be replaced with positive notations. Yes, they should change the status from default to something else. Don't confuses status with payment history. You can try to GW MOHELA.