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Re: What can I expect?? Rehabbing with Windham Professionals
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I'm pretty sure I'm confusing some of the terms bc I don't quite understand everything myself yet. Thanks for responding back so fast. And yes my father is the cosigner on the loan that's why he did some of the talking as well. Once they started talking about equity on the house it started to get a little confusing for me. But I will have to ask about the worksheet to show exactly what I can pay. The car payment isn't that much it's about 215 month but I"m paying car insurance and on 2 other loans not to mention other expenses. So that's where it starts to get really tricky and very pricey. I will follow the steps that you stated and sees how it goes. Hopefully it works out. I'm praying that it will. The one thing that I was worrying about was my credit because I was scared that it wouldn't be able to be restored. Once again thanks alot!