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Gosh... I feel duped.

Defaulted on my student loans years ago and thought they would go away.  Nope. Lost my tax returns in Jan 2012 once again, but then my balance was about $1,100.  I figured, well, I might as well just pay it off.  But the guy at DCS (now Performant, Inc) told me not to pay it and rehab it to get my loan out of default and all the wonderful things it would do for my TLs.


Spent 10 months paying a measly $52/month, got out of default and paid the $513 final amount the next day.  All for what?  So I could get out of default?  Hell, I could have paid $1,100 a year ago and been out of default...and at least had it help my credit over the past year.  Instead I just incurred more interest and Great Lakes doesn't remove the negatives anyway.  What a waste of time.


I feel like a member of the WB cartoons where the face turns into a donkey.