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Re: How many times does defaulted student loan appear on credit report

It's a federal loan I think ED. I also have a Sallie Mae loan which shows up as deferred. I never applied for deferrment.


I became disabled in while I was in school, the illness is permanent. This is like in 2001.


I'm assuming that the loan went on my report, cause I have never made a single payment on it.


But just recently, my credit got better, cause all of those credit card collections cleared up.  And now I have some secured credit cards and am rebuilding my credit.


I"ve had many letters from collection agencies, but I just ignore them.


Now a few days after my SSI hearing, I got another letter from some company which said that it has been subcontracted by ACT or ACS, etc, etc. But there isn't anything negative on my report regarding the defaulted loan, just a few unpaid medical bills.


My SSI decision should be coming next week.


They can't garninsh anything cause SSI can't be garninshed and we get public assistance for my kids they can't garnish that either, I mean we need something to live on.


The only thing they can garnish is the income I make online which is $10 a month.


But I was wondering on the credit thing, because we will be moving into a better apt so the kids can be in a better schoool district, and if that notice I got, will they put it on my credit report.


It has wording like




i read somewhere that before putting negative information on a report they need to use the wording something like


"We may report this to the credit agencies .........."


But there is nothing on the notice like that.