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Re: ACS question - What should I do?

Wonderin wrote:
Is this going through the person I referred you to? If so, I'd tell her that you REALLY appreciate her doing that, but could she pretty, pretty, pretty please remove the lates up to Jan '08. That's only asking for about 3 more lates removed -- and not *too* much to ask, I think.

Make sure to re-emphasize *why* they should be so generous and apologize for any inconvenience your past history has caused them. And also make sure to let them know that you really do appreciate the response and professionalism of ACS, as well.

Worked for us. Turned a REALLY bad situation into one we were REALLY happy with. Now, sending in our payment doesn't hurt so much (emotionally or financially)!! Smiley Happy

Best of luck to you!! Yay!!! Smiley Happy

Is there any way you could pm me this contact information? I have tried 14 separate GW letters to ACS and having no luck at all - it's only two lates from 15 months ago but it would help so much to get those taken off.


I would really appreciate it